Growing up in the Netherlands, Marc was a DJ when he was 12 years old.  He loved music that was mixng music on tapedecks.  At the Age of 16 He had his own Mobile DJ set and traveled to weddings, high school parties to deliver his Dutch Dance Sound.

He joined the Dutch Naval Academy and fast he was influences with all the different beats in the world, he fell in love with Arabic, Persrian, Beats and started to become the most asked DJ for any event that requested that Music.

When doing his Masters in Sheffield, he worked in a nightclub where the best DJ's of England would frequent, this made him who he is TODAY. Hard hitting trance vocals so crisp that one has to dance.  These were amazing times from IBiza to England.

The Exploring Nature of Marc made him travel to California in 2001 where he found an absence of Elecronic, Trance, or House Music. He started his own group and quickly gathered a loyal following, when clubs did not want his music. A House party in a empty building would suffice as well.  Never let the party stop was his motto!.  From warehouses, to illegal beach parties, to deck dj sets, Marc van Brabant could be heard!

To make ends meet Marc DJ'ed weddings and he was so good that he has been asked to DJ for Mayors, Chiefs of Police, Ambassodors, Consulate Generals and a vast array of famous people and politicians.  No names are mentioned as he holds anything confidential form drama to fun it all stays at the event :)

This went on for 5 years and EDM exploded in the USA and the rest is history.

From Block Parties, to Night Clubs, to Grand Weddings.  His agenda is full and with every gig he gets better and better!